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Run: 1965, 8 February 2021
Location: Petchahung Soi 20, Baan Baan Bang Krajao
Hare: Maverick

Using the same location as our earlier (and memorable) AGM the pack gathered at 17:13 to receive the trail secrets from Maverick, the Hare. Having comprehensively and thoroughly managed to confuse the pack, they set off into the surrounding countryside. A varied trail followed partly on hard surface but with a generous portion of soft running as well.

There were plenty of dogs, fortunately the more vicious wore muzzles although one did try to become intimate with your esteemed scribe.

There was only a little bit of shiggy, but it was certainly the real deep shoe-removing stuff.

With the lengthening evenings, all of the pack got back before dark to a circle where the miscreants were suitably punished for their many sins. Our resident pyromaniac Joylide attempted to drive off the mosquitoes and nearly caused a conflagration worthy of California.

We welcomed two new visitors Andrew and Oral Banger, but surprisingly no returners. POTW went to Eric Dunkin Donut for some quite forgettable reason.

The On On On was at the delightful riverside (Baan Baan Bang Kra Jao Restaurant) setting with excellent and varied food. The hare very generously subsidised the food bill, which much contributed to a very enjoyable evening.

Well done, Hare!

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