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Run: 1967, 22 February 2021
Location: Taling Chan, Yok Krok
Hare: Hayter Peacox

The Monday night waifs and strays made what has become a regular pandemic pilgrimage to Yok Krok during the COVID restrictions. Speculation was rife as to whether we might soon be off to pastures new with the rumours of alcohol being allowed in restaurants reaching fever pitch. The usual suspects demounted from their various modes of transport while the GM ran around with his clipboard pointing his gun thing at anyone who was stupid enough to stand still.

As the start time approached the hare Hater Peacox and his bitch Noriega insisted that everyone moved to the side of the restaurant for the pre-run instructions. This essentially meant telling us not to short cut as his short run would be even shorter if we took one of the many shortcutting opportunities and not really be worth doing! This was music to the ears of Tinker who would take him at his word later…

On out and the front runners including Eetan, Codpiece, Checkless, Thalidoskid, Bollywood and Gringo headed off to the main road heading South while some of the walkers using their brains walked slowly across the recently cleared land next to the restaurant towards the klong path... to be shortly joined by the front runners who had just done a needless loop. One of the first of many back checks had us heading north over the klong keeping to the west of the main road before we turned East. Crossing under the main road and following many of the well used paths heading East it was clear that we were now on a clockwise loop. Further back checks and a false trail had the front runners suitably confused as we headed south then west towards the setting sun.

A check at the bridge near the Wat that we passed on the way out had front runners Bollywood, Codpiece and Checkless in a spin as they started running the out-trail for the second time. Duuh! The correct route was a back check as correctly predicted by KC heading West under the main Ratchapreuk road and on home. We were back in under the hour having done 6.5k...just enough to shake off the excesses of the weekend. Pink Panther was last in some time later appearing from out of the gloom from completely the wrong direction having preferred his own scenic route to that provided by the hares!

The GM called the circle to order and asked for comments on the run which were generally favourable and the hares were suitably rewarded. Bollywood and Codpiece were then punished for re-running the out-trail on the way back home. Codpiece stood in as RA and reprimanded Noriega for committing a cardinal sin of marking a check as a BH3 check rather than a BMH3 check. BTW if you need some weed, Noriega was keen to tell us that apparently he now has a new job as a cannabis farmer – mocking laughter and cries of bullshit ensued. I guess the pack did not believe him! Dunkin Donut was recognized for sporting the latest fashion accessory - putrid yellow skin as a result of his recent fall from his bike.

Our latest new member Whippet Cream fresh from her successful virgin hare laying duties last week graced us with her presence.. and was justly punished for commenting that the Hash snacks were not as good as those that she had put on for her run!

The recently returned Tinker is obviously still not aware of how this Hashing thing kinda works over here as he abandoned the run at the first check and found a nice little bar that would serve him beer until it was time to head home… actually maybe he’s the smart one amongst us.

POTW went to Checkless for continuing to rename people for no apparent reason. My guess is that this is primarily due to his early onset dementia resulting in him being incapable of remembering anything or anyone unless it involves scrotums and testicles. The most recent example - Thalidoskid is now called Skidmark according to Checkless!

After a few announcements including a reminder to attend next weeks’ St David’s Day run to be laid by our resident leek and daffodil lovers Bullit and No Good Boyo we adjourned to the restaurant. A fine feed followed, supervised in her usual efficient way by Nibbles.

Thank you to the hares for a pleasant run/evening!!


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