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Run: 1969, 8 March 2021
Location: Onnut Soi 37, Gung Pao
Hare: 4x2

We had 24 harriers (including one visitor) and 9 Harriettes making a total of 33 runners. We had three returners, Shaggy (recently released from custody) Noriega (who wants to return to Myanmar and is asking for contributions towards his purchase of an M 16) and George of the Jungle. POTW went to Dambuster for allowing his hair dye to impede his vision which resulted in a serious arboreal collision.

It’s my stupid fault getting too close to the GM before the off….

Another good turn-out today. Easy to get to, expecting great things from Noah? Who knows?

We got Shaggy back in the pack, another regular fresh from quarantine, something did him good looking fit and healthy, City Girl appeared a bit on the tired side, just a casual observation.

Tinker is growing his beard, complained he had been mistaken for Dripper, Dripper that is the Chorley football supporter.

George of the Jungle is back after his eye operation that he claims wouldn’t have been necessary had he followed his Head Masters advice all those years ago.

And off we went into the back streets and down to the big Klong whereupon we came to a check. The FRB’s were back and fore and no trail could be found. like headless chickens, proceedings finally ground to a halt and we all stood around. Sizzler came to the rescue, divine intervention, it’s all left hand she informed so we headed up the klong path in the opposite direction to the usual trail.

We did a loop and ended up on the opposite side of the Klong 15 minutes later. At this point, PV came breezing past having arrived late and guided onto the proper trail, but not so Drunken Donut. Despite kind words of encouragement from KC that he ignored and shockingly made the big short-cut. By now the pack had become spread out, I didn’t see another check they had all been broken, the trail went out into the roads and joined the klong path familiar from past runs. Along the way there is a large branch of a tree that’s a bit low, so care is needed to lower the head, a manoeuvre that Dambuster failed to accomplish and according to first-hand accounts knocked himself semi-unconscious before getting up and racing on...

It was a hot and humid evening so the 7km trail was enough and the beers appreciated. There had been a loud bang and a flash of lightning from the darkened sky before we got going. Thankfully the RA was on hand to arrange a rain-free evening.

GM called the circle and so on. As RA PV had graced us with his presence an entertaining evening. We were treated to a fashion parade of Bollywood’s customers, including Patrick the Dambuster and noticeable most of the attendees from Hash social evenings. The only other thing I could remember was George doing a very convincing dog impersonation for some reason. PoW deservedly went to Dambuster for several reasons, aside from his newly dyed hair.

The On-on-on was well attended and the food rather nice. Ya, Ya and Yaya sat opposite -yes really - kind of reminded me of a Hash ditty about sister Belinda. However, Cap't. Erik told me to shut TF up because he didn’t like it.


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