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Run: 1970, 15 March 2021
Location: Pattanakan Soi 53, Somtam Mueangthong
Hare: George of the Jungle

Monday, Tarzan and Jane were the hares assisted by their chimp George of the jungle. George looked a little flustered at the start - seems he was worried about being out setting the trail that perhaps his wife would call him telling him it was time to get her to the hospital - seems George has been busy during lockin making a baby!

We knew George has a penchant for square circle runs and we were prepared. The hare showed right on the click of 5:28 to tell us where to go. Off we went to the main road and then over the elevated walkway (some choose to cause a traffic jam and run directly across the street).

The runners quickly separated themselves from the mortals – Bollywood, Codpiece, Checkless, Eetan, and Gringo disappearing into the sunset. Boob a Lube gamely stayed insight for the first 4 km or so finally losing the front runners well on the other side of Srinakarin as the front runners hurled down what was probably the trail set the week before from Onnut 37. This may explain why the hare said the trail was about 7½ km but the front runners had 10 or 11 plus.

Spinning Dwarf was at the back of the front for a bit but at the check on Srinakarin wandered away from the rest not to be seen again. Splat aka Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Ambrose was with us at Srinakarin but they two disappeared shortly after this. To be fair this trio really tried to find the trail and came in almost two hours after starting out.

Maverick, No No and Tinker likewise all found alternate ways back and were well in before the front runners. Tinker called it being smarter! Tickler was present at the start of the run and at the end, where he was in between those times only he and his stick know!

Finally for those still on some trail (did I mention the paper and chalk shortage in Thailand, or did the hare really mark the trail using bananas that someone ate in the interim?), we got to the BIG KHLONG from which we worked our way to Srinakarin, across, and then down a small khlong running adjacent to the housing estate. And lo and behold there was the ON IN.

The circle was the usual raucous affair with GM Gringo soliciting opinions on the run. Khlong Dump was the only honest person according to him telling all who would listen it sucked! In any case, we all got a good workout on quiet Khlong paths in the middle of the city! Mother Mary and Father Joseph were not there to be recognized as returners so two kind souls did their down down. Codpiece then took over as stand-in RA and dished out some appropriate punishment (growing hazy as the beer was affecting me by this time). I do however remember the Prick of the Week, Tinker seems like he embarrassed his wife by exposing himself to the cable guy when he arrived to fix Tinker's internet problem. The cable guy fixed the internet in record time and beat a hasty retreat!

Last but not least was dinner set up by George, a really good feast thank you hare! Another Monday concluded, on on to next week.

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