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Run: 1972, 29 March 2021
Location: Krunthep Kreeta Soi 8
Hare: Noriega

Noreiga Hare with Boob-a-Lube as his ass. What could possibly go wrong? Not everything that wasn’t perfect was Kc’s fault but we will blame him anyway!!!

The Walk started in Krung Thep Krita but was long enough to cross the Burmese border and return. Judging by the number of mosques we must have been in Rakhine Province with all the Rohingya.

True Trail was 10.6 km however Codpiece managed to run about 12.6 km, Shaggy placed 2nd at 12.0 km and GM Gringo sprinted 11.6 km. Nobody else did any checking and most had the sense to shortcut. Despite there being over 250 checks the Pack flatly refused to stick together although Spinning Dwarf would periodically catch up with the Checking Trio and Tinker had a short spell as FRB until the pressure got to him and he developed a nose bleed.

Prior to the Trundle, Maverick was already lost. He had inadvertently joined the 21st Century earlier in the day when he downloaded a social media app and was desperately trying to find a portal back to the 17th Century when messages were carried by horse or pigeon.

A short way into the Trail chalk told us that we were on the On Out Trail and it was clear the ONIN was going back along a short section of the Out Trail.

Generally speaking, the markings were very good however there was the odd occasion when KC must have gotten hold of the chalk because checks appeared on the backs of lampposts.

The highlight of the Ramble was a secret trap door that allows refugees to quickly escape across borders whilst fleeing from the Tatmadaw. The other best bit was the cow farm that appeared out of nowhere. It was largely khlong paths with scrubland and housing estates that are starting to be constructed.

Tickler was spotted before the Amble and at the Circle but true to form was never seen in between. Whilst NoNo led City Girl astray as they shortcutted home albeit after 6km, which was deemed the proper length for a Monday.

Crazy German brought a Dutch-Thai virgin who enjoyed the event however he was a non-drinker so it’s not clear if he’ll come again.

Overall a well-laid trail that was pleasant to Meander although it would have been even better if Noreiga had downloaded a running app on his phone so he knew the distance.

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