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Run: 1973, 5 April 2021
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 8
Hare: Joylide

Meeting Point was Tim’s condo on Sukhumvit Soi 8.

We had a great turnout of 23 Hashers this time. The runners headed-out to the bottom of Soi 8 and turned left for a quick prayer at the ECB before heading into the grounds of the former Tobacco monopoly.

The Hare and co-hares took the opportunity to take the runners through the whole area that is currently being developed into a new park.

Horney Viking was today’s front runner, going strong with a small pack of fast runners including Codpiece, Moonlight, Bollywood, Pom and Dambuster.

The hares planned the checks well, so that the front pack were exploring all different directions. The trail lead us crisscross through the whole park development and it showed the runners what a nice park this is going to be: walkways and elevated walkways through lots of water areas.

The walkers including Auntie’s Bitch and Rawhide knew somehow where the trail was exiting the park (Rama 4), and based on ‘the shortest distance is a straight line’ caught up with the front runners.

The trail took us underneath the expressway and turned right in the area packed with small houses alongside the expressway, passed the Polo club and then through the Muslim community. We exited this area by jumping on a short piece of the ‘Green Mile’ to cross the expressway, down to Soi 1 heading towards Sukhumvit before cut-through a poorly chained gate, into Nana, and the back road to bring us via Soi 6 and back in Soi for quick sprint back to the Heritage condo of Joyslide.

Overall a great run, in particular the virgin park area that for sure needs to be further explored for more Hashing fun.

At the curcle JM Codpiece was acting GM. Coments from the runners were favorable, he then welcomed the virgin - who did not run - followed by the visitors and returners. We were treated to the rare site of a genuine RA on a Monday - Noriega gave down downs for various misterminas some related to the run, most not. The prick of the week was given to Virginia Slim in a single nomination which for some reason we voted on. I think he was given it so his visitor could get an idea what a real prick should look like

Tim was very kind to open her apartment and spacious rood terrace the the On On that was prepared by Malinee. Yummy spaghetti !!! What a start of the week. Thanks to the Hare, the co-Hares and our cook for the evening Malinee.

There were 3 visitors Snakebite, Patpom, and Ewe, the manager of Jim's favourite Soi 8 bar. Returners were Louis, Pauline, Jennifer, Bruce and Roland.

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