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Run 1980, 6 December 2021
Location: Chinatown, Kaeng Hoi Khom
Hare: Dunkin Donut.

Getting to tonight's Monday HHH run was easy on the MRT to Sam Yot station, then a few minutes walk into a side road with absolutely no parking, but a promising restaurant (regular haunt for Hash runs in Chinatown).

A reasonable turn out with two visitors, one a French chap from Chiang Mai, Star Trek Klingon ‘Gorf’ to give our French hare a hard time, and a chicken loving Indian chap working in Bahrain, here interviewing some hundreds of potential future wives. This is to avoid being called a sex tourist; Harriette's take note!

The Harriette fairer sex was represented by Gung Pet, Malinee, Lek and Woody. To the best of our knowledge, we had no LGBPQRST**** to bow down and pander to. Possibly Boob a Lube could be placed in this category as he can get very sensitive and loud in his echo-chamber ‘line’ when his or the HHH rights are threatened

Eric ‘drunken sugar daddy’ together with the lovely Khun Lek set an 8.9km convoluted winding right-hand loop through Chinatown. Through fascinating side streets and alleys, interspaced with quick scary dashes across main roads.

Bangkok motorists were confronted with wide-eyed apparitions of scared rabbits (hashers in fear) caught in their headlights. Through many assorted markets. Roger Me, pounding along like a one-man buffalo stampede, trying hard to keep in front of Checkless, was quick to realise that watching out for chalk arrows suddenly changing direction into tiny side sois was the secret, letting the FRBs follow Pussy Virus running blind; without his two four-legged sniffs, he is quite helpless and leads the unwary astray. Roger Me can be heard, if you listen closely, chuckling and singing his favourite song "there’s only one China".

So where did we all go? We did not go the Bangkok’s first shopping mall ‘the Old Siam Shopping Plaza’. We did not run to Ian ‘Codpieces’ potential new home. We did not run through the Rommaninat park with its old prison. We did run through the Saranrom Palace Park with its 1864 monastery where it is believed Gringo our GM takes refuge to detox. We managed to avoid the defence forces shooting range and the Toe Nail factory.

We did run ‘quietly’ through the fantastic Wat Ratchabophit Sathitmahasimaram Ratchaworawihan, listening to the chanting and great photo opportunities for Gung Pet. Another was Wat Thep Sirinthrawat Ratchaworawihan. We did get stopped at two locked gates, some milling about, then those that know led us around. A really good run overall. One idea was to keep track for a later more leisurely walk.

And so to the circle, interrupted by traffic as usual. Returners, visitors and the GM taking a chance to berate and give downs downs to anyone before the AAGPOO next week. Our real RA Pussy Virus pulled in the hares of course. And Gung Pet for being so fit and energetic she broke her husband's back – if you look carefully you can see the wooden plank the doctor has stitched to his back to absorb the pounding.

POTW to Roger Me for running away to Taiwan, and taking Woody away with him. Overheard at the trough – it seems our GM looks like Chinese leader Chiang Kai Shek. The On-on on was well attended and well-fed.

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