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Run 1981, AGM, 13 December 2021
Location: Baan Baan Bang Krajao
Hare: Codpiece

(Names and Places have been inserted to protect and embarrass the innocent)

The gathered throng, all 45 on them froze into that weird state when being photographed, then Gringo shouted on on as GM for the last time.

Shit cried Noah and fell over behind the wall as he realised that 45 Hashers were running towards him to climb over him and the wall; that was where the paper was laid!

Through some scratchy trippy grotty foresty stuff then out into daylight. Pussy Virus and our GM galloped off in the wrong direction like the blind FRB's they are and shortcutted. The sensible ones followed Noah and paper onto the road leading to the first of the klong paths. In the meantime the walkers lead by Boob a Lube and Aunties Bitch headed off down the road away from the foresty stuff muttering "I'm not doing that shit".

Our JM Codpiece had invented a new square checkmark and used triangle arrows to differentiate his run from the many recent ones in this area. But still runners screwed it up frequently, Ibo Ibo and Pussy in particular. Some just made their own way but many made sure they respected the hare and stayed on paper.

Our lone haranger had spent many hours out here in the wilds of Bangkok's lung; even buying a house and being offered many local maidens to wed. His reputation for consuming ladies at a fast rate had preceded him and the local ladies wanted their share of his largesse before he used it all up. Codpiece had promised a virgin bit but where was she? We did have some more scrambling through the brush and wriggling around banana trees though.

Now we come to the tragic bit, there was no way of stopping it. In this case Dambuster following the ladies at full throttle leapt onto a narrow wooden bridge over a small klong, his left foot broke through and down he went. Would he be in for a swim? Not tonight Josephine, he assumed the horizontal position, saved. But stuck. He was blocking the bridge and no-one could pass or do the right thing and kick him in to the black water waiting below The ladies in front turned and managed to persuade him to crawl towards them so that Gung Pet could throw him over her shoulder and carry him to safety. She is one hell of a lady, as she has to be to handle KC. She remembered her first aid training and checked if he was not dead again, pity he was not so she lost her chance to give mouth to mouth. Checkless took over looking after him but refused to give any mouth to mouth as he was too ugly. Gung went back to warn those behind of the rotten bridge. A bit later a lucky chance to put him on a motorcycle and away he went trying to think up excuses to tell his wife at the circle.

Ah yes the circle. What can we say. Good nibbles and quite a lot of beer. There might have been more but the Crazy German kept topping up his giant bottle. Gringo our GM did a great job pulling in visiting Hashing ladies, one from somewhere near Mexico called Georgia and another German. Teeshirt sponsors Maverick and Tickler were thanked for their generosity before Codpiece explained how the teeshirt design focus group erred in giving NoNo the opportunity to design the left sleeve resulting in him adding his name rather than OnOn to said part! Then so many returners to berate before handing over to the Pussy RA who was dressed in fetching sandals 8 sizes too small kindly donated by Malinee...at least this time Pussy was wearing proper shorts instead of his soiled skiddies like he did a few weeks ago while officiating!

Pussy of course gave Crazy German even more beer. Leavers Roger Me and Mongolian Crotch were given the traditional send off. Then POTW and prick of the year naturally went to Dambuster for so many events such as dying on the trail without permission, losing Hashers when hare, losing his phone frequently and disturbing the peace, and finally falling down on the job this evening and preventing Hashers in their lawful running.

On on on to that most suitable of restaurants Baan Baan Bang Krajao for the AGM hand over ceremonies. Instead of one long table we had a number of small tables: the result was much circulation of confused Hashers seeking to find the limited food and beer but ended up in free and friendly exchange of bodily fluids and codpieces. Gringo led by kicking out the old committee, calling up the ex GM's to pay them respect, and then announcing the new committee.

Onon to another great year of Hashing!


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