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Run 1983, 27 December 2021
Location: Bang Sue, Soi Rotfai 2
Hare: Eetan

Easy to get to with the MRT. Bang Susan close to that bloody great big new railway station. The run site is better than the old one beside the tracks, but a bit of character is lost. Our new GM had deserted us for a romantic holiday driving south to his old stamping ground in Phuket.

JM's were left to hold the fort for 2 weeks. Checkless was on duty today. Kevin C will be next week. Bullit enjoying his new role as haberdash. Eaten explained the arrows so no confusion with other Hashes.

Not too many headed off into the railway staff housing area with their charming old wooden state stilt houses let down by shiggy rubbish-strewn muddy tracks. Our visiting Hasher 'two bottles' was quite happy as this reminded him of his home in the Philippines.

Up onto a klong bridge with a check putting Hashers lives at risk with a low crawl under the bridge (Checkless hardly noticed it) and a pack of dogs. The trail was back which meant going back through those dogs! Boobaloob did not and disappeared into the evening gloom; not to be seen again until nearly at the end.

DOGS DOGS AND DOGS!!! One was laying by the path looking innocent BUT it was actually tempting you to pass close by! Only then did it leap up and you could see that it was tethered on a leash, obviously for a terrifying reason. RUN RUN! A strange noise like a railway engine? It was late coming Eric Dunkin donut at full steam.

Shall we forgive the hare? The beer stop said Yes! The FRBs consumed their beer (2 bottles, crazy German and Dunkin Donot) and ran off, most anti-social. Thankfully we had Gung Pet on the run who broke the checks. A long-short split then away into the residential side streets.

An 8km run in pleasant weather. Checkless called the circle. Eaten it seems had laid a good run with his lovely co-haress. Kevin's son Andrew as a new boot. Checkless called Kevin in as Grannys Tits. But he has not been named, cried the pack! A call to vote and yes his Hash name is now formally 'Grannys Tits'

Eric Dunkin Donut as RA had some fun calling in Bruce Hash Hash and Jump-Start for shortcutting the short trail! POTW went to Grannys Tits for nominating the RA! Silly boy. A good On On On paid for by the hare. Fantastic.

We learned about the hare's name. Eetan is a car popular in the Philippines made by the Australian company Holden, now based in Lagos Nigeria. How our hare got the name of a car is a mystery, as is the hare's real name. Whilst on the subject of names.

The Hash Name 'Grannys Tits' was from Kevin being caught perving on his phone over photos of naked old Thai ladies breasts.

He then arranged a run, close to his daily cycle route, passing by a house on the klong. This is where he can spy on naked grandmother's. Finally, as he arrived this evening he complained that the naked Grannie had disappeared. He was quite distressed. Finally, Jump Start declared that she was not interested in Grannys Tits son herself but could find him a girlfriend if asked nicely.

Well done to our Stand in GM and Hare.

Another great run not to remember!


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