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Run 1987, 24 January 2022
Location: Ratchadapisek Soi 52, Lom Choi
Hare: Tokyo Joe

Now we all know Tokyo Joe is a very energetic and enthusiastic chappie and expected a similar run. He did not have far to go to set himself up at the run location – he lives next door! The Bangkok Public Works Department have kindly allowed Tokyo Joe to use the large diameter water pumping pipes stored here as accommodation. Tokyo has joined them up in interesting configurations to create living spaces, much like the Hobbit Frodo’s house in Lord of the Rings.

So meeting up not far from Chatuchak we knew it would be a city run, and that it was. Not a lot of us and only few FRB’s; so hopefully staying together. Quickly on to Klong Prem Prachakem heading north with it’s lovely riverside gardens and houses. Tokyo had said perhaps the paper would be sparse here ……….. It turned out to be sparse everywhere with no, repeat NO checks. Actually a good thing as the FRB’s kept stopping to find where the trail went, with a wide choice of intersecting roads, giving time for the rest to catch up. Not that this bothered KC as he knows which way is most likely and is able to short cut and enjoy the endorphin fed pleasure his broken body creates when he is in front. One difficult place was just after skirting a small lake, the paper petered out, as usual, and the large choice of directions had us strung way out. It was not far after that. The trail included two small parks, and a lot of straight runs. At 8km everyone got back in time for beer and lovely nibbles kindly provided by Kim Normal.

A small group often provides more social entertainment and this was the case. The GM called Tokyo the hare in often as he loves attention; did you know he used to be Hash music for the Phom Phem Hash? With Gringo absent, Sheepshagger was called in as a ex GM ‘look-alike’ for Gringo for choosing such unreliable RA’s. None had turned up! Checkless did the RA bit. The hare for being over enthusiastic and dancing on the spot when drinking. The choice for POTW was KC (who ran away in fear) Sven for being an engineer and unable to operate his car (it was suggested a 10 year boy could be his driver as they know everything) it was KC’s taxi driver who knew how to operate Scen’s car, and the hare for over enthusiasm. POTW was naturally the hare. The on on on was very good, Tokyo did a great job!


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