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Run 1991, 21 February 2022
Location: Lat Krabang, Fish House
Hare: Cums in Spurts

Well I guess I should have kept my mouth shut instead of asking the GM why there had been no run write ups for a couple of weeks...ok says the GM, good point, its your turn then!

So we found ourselves out in a new area for BMH3 – the fish ponds of Lat Krabang with the hare claiming he had even persuaded the normally closed on Monday restaurant to open for us. Despite being a reasonably long way out of town it was actually quite easy to get to - only 40 mins from downtown. As usual, the Boob had arrived before dawn to get a few km’s reccying under his belt before the rest of the pack turned up.

Some regulars were absent due to other events taking place at the weekend so there was a select gathering who finally assembled to listen to some words of wisdom from the hare Cums in Spurts.

The front runners lead by our illustrious leader Codpiece ably assisted by Eetan, Gringo and Boob where first out of the blocks while the walkers including Capt Erik, Splat, Joseph, NoNo, Nibbles and Tickler followed at a more sedate pace.

There were an initial couple of loops around some ponds with a check over a klong bridge where the ever-vigilant FRB’s checking back found the in-trail hidden under the bridge...at least they now knew which way not to go.

The trail was generally well marked although there was some confusion with signs of the paper having been picked up by a local farmer which caused some minor confusion for the front runners.

It continued with an anti-clockwise loop up and down around the ponds with checks and a couple of false trails. At one point the FRBs could see the walkers on the other side of a long pond with young Joseph looking confused as he tried to decide which way was best...should he retreat or follow the FRB’s forward? Inevitably he made the wrong choice electing to follow the FRB’s resulting in him doing a long, wholly unnecessary, loop.

At one point Boob was seen striding purposefully towards the FRB’s coming from the wrong direction claiming he had to do that otherwise he would be accused of short-cutting which of course he never does.

Passing near the local Wat we hit the klong path with a check. Luckily one of the front runners had his brain engaged and elected to continue anti-clockwise towards the bridge where they had previously seen the on-in and sure enough successfully picked up the trail. It was then a relatively straightforward run in and back home in under the hour.

After a brief period of rehydration, the GM called the circle to order. Comments on the run were very favourable and somewhat unsurprisingly with a small pack there were no visitors or returners.

As there was also no RA or other committee members present the GM appointed himself RA and awarded a few well-deserved down-downs.

POTW was awarded to Joseph having been nominated as one part of a simultaneous triple nomination by Splat! Interesting conversation on the way home methinks...

After minimal socialist drinking, we adjourned to the restaurant for copious amounts of food and beer.

Thanks to the hare for a good soft surface run and an excellent on-on-on.


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