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Run 1993, 7 March 2022
Location: Chonburi M'way, Gustavia
Hare: Maverick

(Great turn out, Thank you all)

Good location at the Gustavia restaurant on the Chonburi motorway frontage road; and an excellent turnout (35?) with visitors like Mr Cheese from Australia, and Sourkraut with Lilly.

Maverick said an 8km run with a walkers trail. Back along the main road and down onto the klong path then under the motorway, across the railway tracks to the first check. A long time here with Pussy going a long way forward. Everyone catches up, good!. Bob and the walkers break the check and we head off east along small sois with FRB’s desperately trying to catch the walkers.

Turd Burger takes us to the next check out in a Mu Baan with many options – FRB’s all over the place – nice one! Again a long check but Eaten breaks it. Lilly going strong and stays up with the FRB’s. The long/short split then those who take the long run have to endure the biggest pile of municipal rubbish you ever did see. And smell!!

Another long check with FRB’s again all over the place. Pussy misled all by not checking deep enough. More long-running stretches along the klong path, then a merge with the short trail. Returning across the railway tracks and eventually getting back to enjoy wonderful cheese and crackers from Australia; and veggie dips from Malinee.

Noah 4x2 as our RA, gave down-downs to the Andrew sisters and Pussy Virus for being blind. POTW (the one with the Scottish small willy) to Andrew Turd Burger for not wearing a kilt and leaving us after such a short visit. An excellent run and a good turnout.

The on on on with pizza and spaghetti subsidized by Maverick. A great run and on on on. It will be a run to remember in memory of "Sheepshagger" RIP.


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