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Run 2030, 21 November 2022
Location: Chinatown, Soi Phanumat
Hare: Drunkin Donut

For Drunkin Donut's Run run on Monday, 21 November 2022, we had 14 Harriers, 5 Harriettes, 0 new boots and 7 visitors, total 26. Returners included Eric "Drunkin Donut", Bob "Bobo", Baey "Turtlehead", Keith "Diarrhoea", and Ichimura "Bangcock". Visitors were "Red Squirrel", "Sauerkraut", "Sexy Lashes", "Anal Compulsion", "Lecherous", "Just Not Gay", and "Mr. Happy Pockets".

Chinatown Revisited

Suffice it to say that despite a broken finger and numerous body lacerations from a previous weekend Bike Hash, Drunken Donut, with the able nursing assistance of Sexy Lashes, this was a very well done and fun Bangkok Monday H3 trail and OnOnOn.

After an initial welcome to all by recently anointed new GM Always Comes (or is it Cums) Last, and once properly prepped with trail water and some pre-hash beers, the pack of approximately 25 or so Hashers took off on a fun and well-marked (for the most part) trail of rambling alleys, mini-walkway cut-throughs and the many market places of Chinatown! The trail provided for some challenging checks, often making the pack work hard over the circa 8 km’s of trail.

Even "I know every trail and street in Thailand" Boobalube was caught unaware at times and forced to backtrack to find trail! The post-trail circle was well run by GM as she slowly but surely puts her own style on the circle festivities. The GM welcomed many visitors (in actuality most are just cheap Hashers who live in Thailand or visit here routinely but don’t want to pay the 300 baht once in a lifetime fee.

Note: Lecherous claimed he paid but lifetime Hash Cash Spinning Dwarf begged to differ) to include the one true visitor, this being a visiting FRB Hasher named something along the lines of "Gaylord Perry" -- just kidding, it did have Gay in the name somewhere but this author , aka iboibo, has a foggy brain in terms of Hash names) from the Netherlands with a Taiwan Hash as his mother Hash.

Returnees (to include BoBo who honored all with his Hash wisdom and return to Thailand after a long Covid break), and eventually the hares (hmmm, the new GM has possibly relegated roasting/harassing the hares to the back of the circle line). Despite the usual attempt to get the pack to lambast the hares, the trail was simply too good to pass bad comments about and as such the hares were duly thanked for a great Hash trail. The GM also honored Drunken Donut with a BMH3 400 run mug (yes, get a life wanker!).

The circle was then turned over to RA Boobalube. Despite the potential to showcase/abuse his newly re-acquired RA power, Boobalube kept the RA portion short and sweet to include numerous well deserved down downs (Hare DD in particular for abusing his body), the Hash christening of iboibo’s new shoes, and ensuring that Diarrhea paid the price as Hash Prick of the Week for his ill thought out attempt to nominate the RA for Hash Prick of the Week, thus proving that his Hash name fits or should perhaps be updated be to "Diarrhea of the Brain"!

The circle was closed and the pack meandered approximately ten feet across the small Soi to the OnOnOn which included good Thai food (all ready to eat upon arrival and yes, surprisingly still warm despite being laid out all in advance…. yes, they are clearly used to the Hash), sufficient cold beers (often after the increasingly inebriated Hashers began singing "Free beer for all the Hashers, free beer and much reveling with Hash songs led by cheerleader Tinker and company. Well done Hares and all!


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