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Run 2038, 16 January 2023
Location: Bang Na, Silawat Seafood
Hare: Horny Viking

Well what a night!

Horny Viking regaled us all week with an early start multiple boat rides, dining on the river! But it’s the Hash, thanks to Vee Chat the trail was shortened to 6.5 Km with beer and refreshments at the end before the second boat ride, a circle at the A point and then a fabulous dinner in the Chinese Seafood Restaurant!

We started the run on the boat, went to the right as directed by the hare then of course looped back to the left. Boobalubes familiarity with the area allowed him to get out front but of course no calling no breaking checks imitating our voiceless Eatan. We meandered up to the floating market wandered around then back toward the river. Trail so convoluted Eat Me and Sizzler were right up in front. Tinker almost did it , got lost went back on the original ferry, as did Tickler maybe a T thing. Everybody else got to the wonderful beer stop before the boat ride back.

Now I digress, after setting a 12km trail, Vee chat intervened and reduced it to 6.5 Km. However the 12km marks were still there, of course Boobie (more on that later) overran the abbreviated trail followed by his Singaporean suck up soars on all Fours, and ran down the trail the wrong way thinking he could do another trail in reverse. He’s stupid he’s stupid you know the refrain.

Finally boat back to the start.

Circle… GM in rare form. Hares recognized, one visitor Singaporean Soars on all Fours! Returner Turtlehead. At some point the GM turned to the Hash cash for a song, Toddie she said!!!! It seems the GM has pet names to go along with Hash names for her special people.

Soon the RA came on; Stevie ‘Gringo’ was called out to explain driving his car into the fruit lady’s stand when he arrived. Stevie was invited back in to encourage experienced Hashers to help those with less experience to set trails explaining he’s been doing this with Eddie (Checkless) for years. At this point Bobbie got angry and said my name is Bullit not Bobbie. The GM turned on her teacher voice and said go stand in the corner Bobbie.

Finally there was prick of the week. Both Singaporeans Turtle Head and Soars on all fours nominated; Sizzler got a token nomination for asking if next week’s hare was a young guy. Of course it went to renamed Soreass for being so stupid to follow Boob a Lube. Little Johnny (Tinker) and Joey (Sven) thought this all appropriate.

Finally there was dinner it was superb! Gregie (Tickler) said it made up for the trail he couldn’t follow. Pettie (Maverick) didn’t stay for dinner as he thought the GM hadn’t awarded him a pet name but she has!

Am sure the real name, Hash name, pet name will be up front for discussion at the committee meeting. In any event a clever run, great beer stop, nice couple of boat rides and a great on on on! The hares! On On to next week!


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